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Non-Invasive & Safe

Ultrasound is one of the best, noninvasive, non-painful way to evaluate fluid-filled and soft tissue organs in pets. These organs include the pet’s liver, spleen, kidney, pancreas, eyes, lymph nodes, testicles, intestinal tract, prostate, uterus/ovaries and heart. Ultrasound systems uses sound waves to painlessly penetrate a pet’s organs and capture images. Unlike x-rays, no radiation is used in an ultrasound exam. An x-ray reveals the size and shape of organs whereas an ultrasound can provide a complete internal view of the architecture of the organs. Ultrasound is often used in conjunction with x-rays to confirm a diagnosis.

An ultrasound used to exam a pet’s heart is called an echocardiogram, and it is one of the most common types of ultrasound exams performed on pets. It measures the heart’s wall thicknesses and chamber size. It can also help provide an assessment of the heart’s ability to move blood and determine if the valves are functioning properly.

CT Scanner – Vimago Introduction

Suncoast Emergency & Specialty Center is the first hospital in the area to provide the most innovative, comprehensive CT scan technology designed specifically for veterinary medicine – the Vimago! It is the most advanced Robotic High Definition Computed Tomography, Fluoroscopy, and Digital Radiography platform, which allows us to perform seamless, whole body Digital Radiographic studies at res­o­lu­tions up to thirty times better than conventional digital radiography systems. With this cutting-edge equipment, we can now scan an entire patient in about a minute, with 80% less radiation than a conventional scanner.

The Vimago is the only imaging platform designed to meet the demands of a diagnostic and international system. Thanks to the mobility and the combined CT speed and Fluoroscopy system, our doctors can make a diagnosis and immediately be in a position to begin treatment, which may include surgery. This simple and quick transition from diagnosis to advanced treatments is not only more efficient and safer due to reduced anesthetic risks, but in some cases life-saving.

Highlights of the Vimago

  • More than 30x higher resolution than conventional CT scanner.
  • Up to 85% lower radiation than conventional CT scanner.
  • Technician with the patient the entire procedure.
  • Fluoroscopy ready- minimally invasive interventions.
  • Your pet will be sedated or anesthetized during the study, but will be under the constant care of our staff.
  • You can feel comfortable knowing your patient is receiving the best care possible because we are leveraging the most advanced imaging technology in the world to optimize the outcome.

Digital Radiology

Our hospital is equipped with the latest in GE technology with an oversized table for larger animals. The digital technique is the same as that of specialty spine and oncology centers in human medicine. Images are easily copied to a disc or emailed to you and your veterinarian. Consultations by off-site radiologists, when needed, are now much easier to obtain for these radiographs (x-rays) than before with often under a minimal turn around time.